Acting Cybernetically

2019 Annual Conference of the American Society for Cybernetics


ASC conferences seek to feature research and evoke discussions that include more than one perspective or which are comparative, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, or trans-disciplinary in conceptualization, scope, or design. This conference is open to scholars and practitioners in all fields. As well as work within cybernetics, the ASC welcomes work centred in other disciplines that may inform and be informed by cybernetics.  Please come and enact your response to the conference’s rallying call: 

“You’re a cybernetician – act like one!” 

Conference Theme

When the sensorimotor rubber hits the phenomenal road, how does being a cybernetician make a difference that makes a difference to how we act and understand? What difference can cybernetics make to the ways in which we navigate the worlds of distinctions that we both construct and live? more


Participants will have publication opportunities following the conference in special issues of academic journals and the possibility of inclusion as a book chapter.  All presentations and performances will be recorded for future use including in online education.

When and Where 

The 2019 annual conference of the American Society for Cybernetics will be held 

June 24 to 26 in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of British Columbia in 

Vancouver, Canada on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.  





Varied Program

The ASC 2019 Conference will include a varied program of sessions on the theme of Acting Cybernetically, including participatory ‘playshops’, installations and performances as well as traditional academic papers. 

Some of these activities will be featured in our special event: an evening at the 

Fun Palace produced in collaboration with UBC’s XXXXXX/

Extend your visit

The 2019 ASC conference will be held immediately before the 

2019 ISSS Conference 640 km (398 miles) south in Corvallis, Oregon, allowing participants the opportunity to attend both.  

A vibrant pre- and post-conference program is planned to allow participants to enjoy the diverse experiences available in the Vancouver area.

The organizing committee of the ASC 2019 conference is very much looking forward to receiving you at the conference venue and hope you will have memorable experiences in North America’s Cascadia region in summer 2019!