What we will be embarking on is a time of doing things together where all of us will be learning.  What each of us, myself included, will learn will be different, and will inevitably become part of our own lifelong paths.  What we make of what we encounter is always up to us.  I cannot instruct you, nor can you instruct me. This of course is a basic tenet of SelfDesign.  What I have to offer in deep support of that is a biological, cultural, and philosophical perspective on how this is so, and what that implies for both our daily and our professional lives.  

In our time together I take responsibility for creating a context in where that which I have already learned in this domain becomes visible and relevant to you.


We will of course all meet each other during the Google video weekly discussions.  You already know each other; and I will get to know you as we work together. However, since I have the role of designing the course it may be nice for you to know a little more about me, first. 

Of course... people are too complex to be adequately seen and understood in any short bits, whether writing, video, or even in person.  We get to know people as we relate with them over time and see how they respond.

I encourage us all to remain open to however the others do appear from moment to moment without creating any binding characterizations.

Video Credits:  Camera Ceili McCabe (age 10 when filmed)

Well yes, but not as a study of, but rather than as a lived happening. 

What does the word epistemology mean?  It’s a term coined by a philosopher, based on the greek roots of “episteme” (knowledge, understanding) and “logos” (study of). 

However, the way a question is made determines what a valid answer would be.  Hence, as per the title of your text “From Being to Doing,”  I have changed the question so that this epistemology of learning is not a formalized study of what knowledge and understanding is assumed to BE.  Instead we will be paying attention to what we DO as we do whatever we are doing, when we claim we “know” or “understand” something, including learning, mentoring, or teaching.   So this course is about DOING and attending to how we do what we do.  

And because our doing is based on ourselves as living systems living on earth among and relating to other living systems (whether we are aware of it or not) - the course begins with what this gives us as our foundation. 
Biology is our possibility, not our limitation.

is this a course about epistemology?

Knowledge, be my guest

by Marina Carvalho

Knowledge comes knocking in my door

But gently and not intentionally, 

I don't invite it in. 

I push it away 

as if it got the wrong address. 

Connections are not made. 

So... Come on in 

Now the door is open

Make yourself home 

Forget the book and the dictionary

Make... or quote a poem 

Tell me a story of you and a child

Or a nice conversation you had in line at the supermarket 

I'm going to serve you a cup of tea

So maybe you decide to stay inside.