course assessment


This course will be assessed according to the standards and procedures developed for SelfDesign Graduate Institute.
All courses are evaluated as credit (C) or no credit (N).

Learner’s Course Self-Assessment

At the end of each course each learner will write an assessment of her/his learning in this course. These assessments will vary from several paragraphs to two or three pages at most (single spaced, 12 point). When s/he has completed her/his Self-Assessment, s/he will submit it to the Course Instructor and to the Academic Dean’s office. 

Instructor’s Assessment of Learners

The instructor will review the Self-Assessment and then write an assessment of the learner’s participation and learning in the course. This assessment will be several paragraphs. The instructor will assign a grade: credit or no credit. The instructor will then send this material to the Academic Dean’s office.  (I will always send it to you first in case you have any changes you wish me to consider)

Reporting and Record Keeping

The Academic Dean’s office will compile the course record for each learner in each course. This will include the course description, the learner’s Course Self-Assessment, and the instructor’s Learner Assessment and grade.

This record will be sent to the learner and will be saved in the matriculation file for the learner in the Academic Dean’s office.

substantive assessment

Though two pages is and ideal length for records and a formal assessment of overall performance, it is inadequate to convey what you actually learn in a Master’s level course. Consequently there will be a series of 5 written mini-essays in the form of observations of what you have learned that will be due at intervals throughout the course.

This is a substantive assignment is required for completion of the course, but it is not part of the formal assessment to be submitted to the registrar.  Further, this assignment creates the space for a thoughtful review of relevance, and for the instructor to provide further guidance through extensive comments, where appropriate.

The written assignment will essentially comprise a selection of your own observations of your own learning, and thus will represent an overview of insights from various parts of the course. If you keep notes or maintain a journal as you progress through the course, your submissions should be largely an editorial task.  

Observing for Learning

As part of this course you are required to submit five observations of your learning (see Outline for schedule) in the form of oral presentations or mini-essays.  For presentations, be prepared to speak for 5-8 minutes.  For written assignments I suggest two to three pages, or about 750-1250 words each, but you may be a more concise writer, or you may need more words to say what you want to say. Each entry should include:

  1. Bulletan explanation of a concept or idea arisen from this course, as you have understood it (not just a repeat of my words!)

  2. Bulletan explanation on how this idea connects to other ideas in the course, and/or what you know from other sources, inclusive or your own experiences

  3. Bulletan explication of how this idea is relevant to you,
    namely how you see it being lived forth in your life,
    personally or professionally

You are welcome to discuss this assignment in either group meetings or with me in person. 

Formats other than written text are acceptable. 
The content should be clearly discernible as such rather than simply implicit. If appropriate, content can be added in the form of a commentary, as for example for a game or a media production.
                             Please feel free to discuss your ideas!