story seed and growth


Activity:  writing a story
       sentence at a time

Kind:  Two or three people ... can be a child, who understands the
              directions even if pre-writing; he or she could dictate their parts. 
              Could be done by email or skype with each other.

Duration: 15 minutes elapsed time

Location: anywhere that you can write.


  1. 1)The story fragment about Gramma May and Eric is your “story seed.” Read this first as it provides a common starting point to the various stories that will be developed as its continuation.

  2. 2)The task will be to take turns adding on a sentence to the story seed that is provided.  These are not secret, but you should not agree on what comes next; each person chooses what they want to say.

  3. 3)The rules are that each sentence has to be congruent with what came before, both logically and in the flow of relations and emotions.

  4. 4)Download the story seed, ie. the beginning of the story, familiarize yourself with it enough to comfortably read it out-loud to your collaborators.

  5. 5)Take turns writing a sentence, either until you have written at least 6 more sentences or feel you have finished the story.

  6. 6)Have the finished story ready to read at your next online meeting.  If we do not have time to hear all the contributed stories, please be prepared to post it to the others after the meeting ... not before, so we can all delight in the surprises.

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