increasing  complexity


Activity:  increasing complexity

Kind:  Alone or with someone ... this is a playful activity suitable
              for adults or children

Duration: 5 - 20 minutes -- as long as you like!

Location: indoors, somewhere where you can collect
                     dropped pieces.The balls tend to roll!


  1. 1)Find the second bigger package of balls and sticks.  You do not need to keep the pieces from the two packages separate from here on.

  2. 2)Using the tetrahedron constructed when you build a triangle, start adding to it.  Increase its complexity, while retaining the original shape within it.

    (Note that the second photo is not based on this exercise, so it is not a good example - perhaps you could make a photo of your creation for me to use next year.)

  1. 3)Have fun!  Play!

  2. 4)Be prepared to show your complex structure on the next GoToMeeting call.

  1. Please remember not to force the pieces! 

  2. You may find some balls with bits of stick ends stuck in them from former careless users.